About Me

My name is Daniel Wong.

As I mentioned on the front page, I’m an electrical engineer turned artist, returning to my first creative passion. But before I go further, I want to elaborate a little on the site name. You are curious, aren’t you?

Oshouki (pronounced phonetically in American English as oʊ 'oʊʃ 'ki:) is the Japanese pronunciation of my Chinese name. If you say Oh-show-key (as one word), you’re close enough (– let’s be honest, who knows how to read phonetic symbols anyway?) But if you can read Japanese Katakana, it is more properly pronounced as オーシォーキ. I started using this handle online on art sites several years ago and it stuck. To those who have known me online for some time, I’ve been nicked simply as ‘Osh.’

More on me to come…